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Upgrading from Paperless-NG to Paperless-NGX

March 21, 2022    paperless-ng raspberry-pi paperless-ngx ☕️ buy me a coffee

As of February 2022, the paperless-ng community created a new fork to continue development due to the inactivity on the original repo 1. This has meant new docker images, new configs, etc.

This post serves as a quick amendment to my previous posts on how to set up paperlessng on a raspberry pi with samba and with automated backups using rclone.

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New Docker Containers

In theory, this should be a plug-and-play update as the image is identical except for the new software updates. The biggest difference is that the old image was hosted on dockerhub and the new image is hosted on the github container registry (as per #104).

<     image: jonaswinkler/paperless-ng:latest
>     image: ghcr.io/paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx:latest

New Best Practices For Redis Broker

As of v1.6.0, it is suggested to use named volumes for the redis broker.

>     volumes:
>       - redisdata:/data
>   volumes:
>     redisdata

I personally haven’t bothered with this, as redis is meant to be a cache and not permanent storage.

In Action

And just like that, I’ve upgrade from Paperless-NG 1.5.0 to Paperless-NGX 1.6.0. So far I can’t really notice any major differences but that’s the point. It’s a continuation of the project, not an entirely new version!

ubuntu@ubuntu:~/paperless$ vim docker-compose.yml
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/paperless$ docker-compose stop paperless
Stopping paperless ... done
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/paperless$ docker-compose up --no-deps --build paperless
279a020076a7: Pull complete
5624cdf6a4f1: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:f2f2d77cb7898a338314a59103b1b403807a7fa479b78489edb0ebb8de477d15
Status: Downloaded newer image for ghcr.io/paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx:latest
Recreating paperless ... done
Attaching to paperless
paperless                 | Paperless-ngx docker container starting...
paperless                 | Creating directory /tmp/paperless


That’s it for now. I’m involved in a PR #27 to use a Apache Tika container with ARM support. Once that gets merged I will probably update this post, as well as create a new and more in-depth longer one.

And remember, always create a backup before changing your system! I have my rlcone setup but still like doing a quick tar -czvf paperless paperless.tar.gz before an upgrade just in case.

For more guidance on how to set up Paperless-ngx with automated email ingress and rules, have a look at my other article: Using GMail’s App Passwords With Paperless-NGX.

  1. Discussions can be found in #1599 and #1632