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How To Block YouTube Shorts In Your Feed And Inbox

January 23, 2023    youtube ublock origin shorts block ☕️ buy me a coffee

YouTube shorts are becoming more and more prevalent on the website. I was completely okay with this until my subscriptions and feed were starting to become completely unbearable with their presence. The nature of shorts means that content creators are uploading these clips on a much higher rate than anything else resulting in this mess. Furthermore, there is NO way of doing this natively within the website. Hopefully this short guide will help someone with the same issue.

How To

First of all you need to install uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox). Then, open the settings page via the add-on’s pop-up

uBlock Origin settings button uBlock Origin settings button location

Finally, all you need to do is import the custom filter from here within the My filters tab.


This method works exceptionally well. As you can see, there are NO shorts in a subset of my subscriptions after implementing this method.

Before Before

Before After